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Kybella® is the first treatment approved by the FDA to target fat cells directly. It is mainly composed of deoxycholic acid. Our bodies naturally produce this acid to break down fat. Aestheticians can now use Kybella® treatments to help break down fat in specific body parts. Rosewater Aesthetics uses Kybella® to reduce submental fat around double chins, jowls, and those pesky bra bulges!
The fat cells that are eliminated by Kybella®  injections are gone for good! The body naturally eliminates them. Typically, clients need 2-4 sessions to achieve their desired aesthetic results and will see the results within 3 months.
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Double Chin

30 minutes


The average amount of 1-3 vials

Double chins are permanently eliminated with Kybella®  by permanently destroying fat cells under the chin! Three to four Kybella®  sessions, spaced out by 4-6 weeks, are usually needed for the treatment of double chins.
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30 minutes


The average amount of 1-2 vials

As we age, our jowls tend to sag. The skin loses elastin and collagen as a result of aging. By using Kybella® , we can permanently destroy fat cells in the face, removing jowls for good!
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Bra Bulge

30 minutes


The average amount of 2-3 vials

Known as bra bulges, fat pockets can be found in the back of the armpits. Kybella can treat this area better than diet and exercise alone! Kybella®  injections permanently destroy fat cells and remove those annoying bra bulges!


If you are bothered by excess fat and don’t wish to undergo surgery, you may benefit from Kybella®  treatments. This treatment should not be administered to pregnant or nursing women.
After the first Kybella®  treatment, you should notice some results. In most cases, noticeable results are visible about 4-6 weeks after your treatments. It mostly needs 2-3 treatments for full results.
 Yes! By injecting Kybella®  into fat-storing areas, it destroys fat cells. After those cells have been destroyed, fat cannot be stored or accumulated there. You shouldn’t need any further Kybella®  treatments when you have reached your goals.

Kybella® has minimal downtime but swelling area treatment can last up to two to three weeks post injection. The procedure is safe and minimally invasive. Before returning to normal activities, you should wait 48 to 72 hours.

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